Our services

  • Tech Support

    Tech Support

    • 26-06-2018
    • Support integrating new technology
    • Test website trouble and warn about policy violation
    • UI/UX website optimization and ASO
    • Guide to use and manage tools supporting publisher
    • Absolutely FREE
  • QuickAMP


    • 26-06-2018
    • Increase your mobile page loading speed
    • Compatible with all AMP ad formats, Integrate with all analysis tools
    • Effective SEO on mobile
    • Saving resource investment of integrating AMP on publisher side.
    • Absolutely FREE
  • VideoCloud


    • 26-06-2018
    • Video CMS management
    • Hosting & Support most video format embed on most platform
    • Create Campaigns and manages on your own video ad server, not affected by copyright issues on Youtube
    • Monetize basing on advertisements and views delivered on video content
    • Being with the lowest fee at the market
  • Social Optimization

    Social Optimization

    • 29-05-2018
    • Support publishers involved in social media monetization
    • Improve reach, impressions and engagements on Publishers's pages
    • Manage page's content, commit increase revenue
  • Ad Networks Monetization
    • Take advantage of special ad placement and ad formats to improve revenue
    • Connect Publishers with all Premium Ad Networks at home and abroad
    • Increase fillrate and ad CPM through support for publishers manage and operate ad campaigns